Introduction/Get to know Us!


We are officiallyus, a blog aimed to helping those who have anxiety, depression or are overcoming something.  We aren’t professionals, but hope we can help someone in need.

I started this blog after going through some things myself. Growing up, I’ve always been shy and always kept things to myself. Going into high school, I was very nervous. Freshman year was not the easiest socially or mentally on me. I lost apart of my true self, I did not know what was wrong with me, why i felt sad all the time, why i was scared to go out in public or even talk to a teacher. Once sophomore year rolled around, I left my high school and enrolled into an online school. I had a lot of free time so  I would constantly search for blogs and articles night after night, looking for resources written by people or teens who were going through the same things I was. I felt at the time no one understood me and that I was alone. Fast forward two years later, I’m here writing this, wanting to help those who feel they are misunderstood and don’t have an outlet. We’re here to be that outlet and to tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

Thank you for reading to this point! We hope you stay on this journey with us, 

Signed, OfficiallyUs x

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