Reflecting on 2017 And 2018 Goals

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Whenever the New Year rolls around, I tend to reflect on the past year. Instead of focusing on the negative things, i focused on all my accomplishments, no matter how small they are to others. I’ll be 100% honest, the past two years for me have been such a crazy, emotional roller coaster ride. If you asked me last year to reflect on 2016, I would tell you every negative aspect of it. Now, one year later, I learned how to finally reflect on my year in a positive point of view. I call them my goals, instead of resolutions.

Also, I tend to get quite emotional during New Years Eve. I can reassure you they’re happy tears, I tell myself I can’t believe we got through another tough year and we’ve made it. I think the more I get older, the more I realize how precious times like these are. I usually set, small and achievable goals during the New Year. Anything from getting an A on one math test, to running a mile every other day, I set small goals to benefit myself. In 2017, I had a few goals which included: 1) to go back to public school 2) to control my anxiety about school and public places, and 3) to of course start this blog. I can proudly say I accomplished all my goals, and looking back at it I’m very proud of myself. I also have little accomplishments that I’ve celebrated, like posting my first article on this blog :).

As 2018 approaches, I’m excited for the future.  I’m going to be a senior in high school soon, so I’m thinking about that a lot. I’m one year closer to being an adult (May 2019!), one year closer to college, one year closer to graduating!! I think my goals for this year are to definitely expand this blog in some way,  and to  go into 2018 with a positive attitude, as cheesy as that sounds. I also want to start traveling more, possibly to the UK or France. Do any of you have any goals or accomplishments you’re proud of? Please feel free to share them!

Happy New Year, 2018 is going to be a good one for all of us! We got through another year you guys!


OfficiallyUs xo

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